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Over the last decade, I've had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects all over the world. Here are a few highlights.

North America

Transformed and stabilized an unincorporated nonprofit into a registered 501(c)(6) industry trade organization. The resulting organization is now operating with a six figure annual budget and a full-time executive director, enabling it to make positive contributions to the industry. NACIA is a vital conduit from industry to government, and has been critical in earning AAFCO definitions for 4+ insect-based feed ingredient categories.

Madison, Wisconsin

My current project, we have built a black soldier fly (BSFL) colony on the UW Campus to investigate integrating BSFL as an on-farm means of upcycling farm wastes into feed and fertilizer. 


La Escuela De Grillos

Guadalajara, Mexico

In conjunction with Fundación Zapopan, we built a cricket farming school in Las Brisas, a mountainside neighborhood in the shadow of Guadalajara. We trained a local team, and helped bring jobs, nutrition, and hope to in an impoverished neighborhood marked by violence, malnutrition, and struggle. Today, La Escuela continues its mission of fighting malnutrition with the help of local collaborators.


Big Cricket Farms

Youngstown, Ohio

My formative cricket farming experience, Big Cricket Farms started as a gameplan for bringing regenerative agriculture and economic revitalization to the Rust Belt. It became the US's first FDA-inspected human-food-grade cricket farm, featured prominently in The Gateway Bug, and opened a pathway for other insect-based food businesses throughout the US and the world.

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