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Coming Soon: Regulatory and Food Safety Services

After listening to industry member concerns at June's Insects Feed the World conference in Quebec, we are deploying additional resources for your regulatory compliance needs.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration released its final, 140-page industry guidance on conducting hazard analyses and implementing risk-based preventive controls at animal food manufacturing facilities. As noted by AFIA, this guidance helps clarify flexibility for the varied types of manufacturing facilities, it may still be challenging for some firms to put into practice. Our team of PCQIs are ready to help.

Over the course of this month, we'll be deploying some new programs focused around helping you develop and implement food safety plans, conducting audits and mock recalls with you, and helping you make sense of the letter soup that is HACCP, FSMA, cGMPs, FMEA, SQF, and more.

Further out, we'll be developing some standardized programs to help you comply with large corporate Supplier Assurance Programs more easily. As always, we value your feedback, and would love to hear more about your specific needs.

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