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10 mistakes you make in editing

Everyone is probably familiar with the phrase, "let's get it right in post." But what if you not only don't fix everything in post, but instead make it worse?

Often a project sent to can still be organized during editing. Many factors can affect this, we decided to tell you about 10 of them.

1) Lost files.

It is very frustrating when you had a few shifts, tons of light and filming equipment, crew, actors, but for some reason you decided to save on data storage, and all the footage is lost due to computer failure.

To save yourself a lot of stress and hassle with file recovery, it is better to make several backups to external drives and the cloud.

2) Project backup.

Often any program other than can fail at the most inopportune moment. For example, you have spent hours on editing and want to send the video to a renderer, and then the program gives you an error and just closes.

This is when you realize you haven't saved anything. Frightening? To avoid it, press Ctrl+S or enable automatic saving of the project.

3) No dynamics in the frame

We all know that you should not put more than one general plan after another.

For example, a scene with a dialogue between two characters may be mounted on different close-ups, through which the details of the conversation or important subjects, which will be discussed next.

And it's trivial - it's easier for the viewer to look at alternating plans than at the same close-up.

4) Too Long Plans

The next mistake that follows from the previous one. Don't drag out your voiceover transcribing plan with if you can change it. This will add dynamics to your video and be more comfortable for the viewer.

There is one exception - a scene shot in one plan, in all others do not be afraid to change the close-up.

5) Excessive Color Correction

Oil can't make up for everything, but you can easily screw up your video with inappropriate color correction.

Remember one rule - you need a different color for every shooting. You can't color two different projects with the same LUT. But if you do the color yourself, try to avoid "nuclear colors".

6) Lots of unnecessary details.

It often happens that you've shot some great shots. But it's all spoiled by the little "trash elements" that are on the sides of the shot.

You can remove them with cropping, especially if the resolution allows it. But at the same time, you should not abuse it, and try to avoid these "details" when shooting.

7) Lack of sound effects

The most common mistake. We often try to make videos with music and completely forget about the sounds that can add dynamics to the video or convey its atmosphere.

8) Inappropriate track

Music is one of the most important tools that help convey the mood of the video. And the wrong soundtrack can completely change the viewer's perception of your video.

Such effect can be applied only if you want to convey all the comicality of what is happening on the screen, but it should be specified and discussed beforehand.

9) Incorrect output of video from the project

Another common mistake. It often happens that the finished project is output at a low resolution, wrong aspect ratio or bitrate. Keep it in mind when exporting.

10) White balance

Often when shooting with auto white balance, it can happen that two adjacent frames may differ in color and tone. So don't forget to check this, and correct flaws in the post. RELATED RESOURCES: business transcription agencies

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