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The Issue of Writing a Dissertation Review: Who Can Write It?

The same Regulations do not regulate who can send reviews and who cannot do this, so we can say that anyone can leave a review under the abstract. This approach allows any person not only to give his opinion on the scientific work, but also to become one of the witnesses of the defense process.

Unfortunately, in order to leave a review, you do not need to have any special privileges or have a scientific degree, in which case it is possible to increase the likelihood of an incorrect review. People without a scientific opinion may have different views, which is not so strange, but this is a minus for your dissertation. This issue is worth following closely. However, bad reviews can be easily challenged on the defense itself.

Of course, on thematic forums you can find unspoken rules that state that only those who have at least some rank in the world of science can leave a review for an abstract. In other cases, a comment by a person without a degree is more likely to go on the back burner. In the next subparagraph, we will consider the rules for filing a review.

Feedback rules

The first and one of the most important in the process of writing a review to the abstract is the indication of mail, namely the mailing address of the opponent. A review will not be accepted if the opponent indicated a personal address, and not an institution to which it belongs. This is a gross mistake when submitting a review.

In addition, the same is spelled out in Regulation 842, paragraph 28, which describes the awarding of academic degrees. It is also mandatory to indicate the name and surname of the person who leaves the review. Patronymic is optional as not all people have it.

In addition to the address of the institution to which the person leaving the review belongs, you must also indicate the name of the organization and the position of the employee. In the event that a person does not work, then information is not indicated, but all the same, such a review will be accepted for consideration. Of course, feedback can be sent in two forms:

  • Electronic;

  • Paper.

In an electronic response, you will need to put an electronic signature, which is not always available. This is also worth paying attention to.

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