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What is the difference between marketing research and practical work

Students and novice scientists in the learning process need to perform several options for research work and assignments, which also include practical work and marketing research lets find out with help. What is practical work? Practical work is one of the forms of active independent activity of students, which is carried out using different methods, theoretical base and tools. The main purpose of practical work is to consolidate the knowledge that the student has acquired during the lectures. Practical tasks teach students to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, which is very important for mastering their future profession. This type of work allows a person to learn how to work with information, process it correctly and classify it for research. Information analysis is an essential skill in the learning process of any specialty. Practical work allows the student to learn how to independently apply the acquired theoretical knowledge says writers. The student must analyze the information himself, look for methods for solving given problems, and also learn to draw the right conclusions. One of the types of practical work is laboratory work, which is strictly controlled by the teacher. It also allows you to consolidate the theoretical base obtained during the training. Goals and objectives of practical work Practical work has the following goals:

  1. Learn to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. Recommend users.

  2. Learn to independently select methods for solving scientific problems.

  3. Learn to independently search and select the necessary theoretical sources for a given problem.

  4. Familiarize yourself with the scientific literature.

  5. Learn how to independently create skeletons and models for writing scientific articles.

  6. Learn the basics of critical thinking.

  7. To master the principles of professional ethics that are characteristic of a particular specialty.

  8. Learn how to competently demonstrate your material through creative projects and presentations.

  9. Learn how to work both individually and in pairs.

The tasks of practical tasks can be the following:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

  2. Find non-standard solutions in a given situation.

  3. To prove or disprove established facts in the scientific community.

  4. Choose the methods you need for research, etc.

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