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Kevin Bachhuber

Managing Member

Kevin Bachhuber, founder of Big Cricket Farms, featured prominently in the documentary The Gateway Bug, leads Bachhuber Consulting LLC as Managing Member. Kevin sat on the Board of Directors at the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture (NACIA) in 2018 and 2019, and currently sits as Board Emeritus. LinkedIn

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Farm Starter

Luana Correia

Luana began her insect farming life as farm manager at Big Cricket Farms. Since then, her experience and talents have led her to assist new and scaling insect farms, enabling quick starts in the field. She is most frequently seen in the field, kickstarting farms, training farmhands, resolving breeding issues, and scaling populations. LinkedIn

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Paul Jacobs

Cricket Optimization Expert

In 1997, Paul moved to Spain to start ReptiMercado. The insects he grew to feed his reptiles quickly became his main business. 25 years later, Paul has developed a highly efficient system that produces up to 45 kilograms of raw crickets per square meter per month. Paul brings his depth of experience and long history of consultation to Bachhuber Consulting as our Cricket Optimization Expert. LinkedIn


Devon Brits

Black Soldier Fly Specialist

An entomologist with a keen interest in black soldier fly, Devon entered the insects for food and feed industry with AgriProtein in 2015. Since then, Mr. Brits has worked with a number of universities and private businesses, providing consultative support, growth optimization testing, and building and certifying lab spaces. He brings a wide breadth of knowledge on all things BSFL to Bachhuber Consulting. LinkedIn

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Aly Moore

Startup Goddess & Industry Analyst

Founder of Bugible and Yale School of Public Health graduate, Aly Moore brings a keen sense of marketing and branding genius combined with a keen understanding of the larger industry to Bachhuber Consulting. Her latest project is Entopian, a niche fund for investment into insect agriculture. LinkedIn

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Jacob "Kubo" Dzamba

Design and Systems Consultant

Founder of Third Millennium Farming and creator of the ChirpBox, a modular cricket farming shipping container system, Kubo brings a deep architectural experience and on-the-ground knowledge of farming systems to Bachhuber Consulting. Kubo is based in Mississaga, Ontario, and provides invaluable insight to Canadian clients. LinkedIn

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Justin Butner

Strategic Implementation & Market Insight

A scientist by training and evangelist by nature, Justin Butner specializes in process improvement, strategic planning, and project coordination. Whether coordinating an international conference, diving deep into interviews to gain customer and market insight, or documenting best practices, Justin brings strength and order to Bachhuber Consulting. LinkedIn


Martin Ventura


Martin is an entomologist with a passion for helping insect producers improve yields and reduce costs through creative, biologically-informed techniques which exploit complex feedbacks between system design, insect biology, and local environmental context. He holds a master's degree from UW-Madison where his research investigated potential uses of fungi to improve the nutritional quality of crop wastes as cricket feed ingredients.

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Niklas Gahm

Sensor & Data Consultant

An expert in optical spectroscopy and biomedical imaging, Niklas Gahm brings a scientific and mechanical edge to Bachhuber Consulting. Although most often found working with on-farm data collection and analysis or advising IoT startups, Niklas retains a deep love of the occasional construction project. Niklas is a graduate of Duke, Vanderbilt, and, soon, University of Wisconsin-Madison. LinkedIn

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